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Medication Administration Record MAR MO/YR Medication Start/Stop Date Facility Name Hour Start Stop Diagnosis Allergies DIET Special Instructions e.g. Texture Bite Size Position etc. Physician Name A. B. C. D. E. Phone Number NAME Comments Record Put initials in appropriate box when medication is given. Circle initials when not given. State reason for refusal / omission on back of form. PRN Medications Reason given and results must be noted on back of form. Legend S School H Home visit W Work...
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and do not put anything in to fill blank Hospital/Medical Clinic ID Number: (must match your date of birth) Name of Cardiologist: Cardiology Unit ID: Name of Physician Referral Center, Division or Practice Referral Center: Phone Number: Name:CommentsRecord #Put initials in appropriate box when medication is given and do not put anything in to fill blank<|endoftext|>A man accused of a series of sex attacks in the East of England has changed his plea to not guilty. Dale James Ritchie, 50, was charged with five offences of rape and 13 sexual assaults on the women aged between 17 and 19 from 2013 to 2016. His trial was due to start at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday but the judge today made a not guilty plea and scheduled his verdict for July 28 next week. The mother-of-one was detained in Wrexham, North Wales, for five months in 2014 after he was caught on the security cameras of a bus groping a girl on board.<|endoftext|>I was reading the comments of the Facebook page for the new "Star Wars: Rebels" television series and came across a lot of people expressing their interest in the new series, but there was another subgroup of people interested in the first, prequel trilogy, as well. After all, the prequel series has just finished airing its 13-episode second season on Disney XD while The Force Awakens, the actual movie that features some of the most famous characters from the prequel trilogy, is still in theaters. It would not be hard to imagine that a lot people are disappointed that the prequel trilogy did not bring them a full story arc with Darth Vader, Han Solo, Jabba the Hutt, Luke and the others that got a bit of extra screen time on the first film. And that's exactly what executive producer Dave Filoni says they're trying to avoid. In a video interview posted to YouTube by RebelForce Radio, Filoni was asked why the prequel trilogy was so bad and he responded by saying: "One, we were always so focused, the story was that great. It just didn't connect. I think people really wanted to be around these characters and they wanted to find out more about them. But there's nothing about these characters to actually connect them. And people were, I think, so excited to connect with these characters but there's nothing so it didn't connect." Then, he added, "People want their story to feel like an
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